I Won’t Go

January 31, 2020

Oli Truss is a single older housebound woman in her nineties who lives alone in her rural home somewhere in Britain. As a child, videographer Georgina Hurcombe was her neighbor. She recalls the animals running around on Oli’s property and how “she used to teach me math after school.” That was 15 years ago. Georgina decides “to pay her another visit to find out about her unusual lifestyle.” I Won’t Go opens with scenes of Oli’s house—a condemned rural cottage. The first floor is filled with clutter. The second floor is now off limits. We see rooms with dried animal feces on the floor, active spider webs in ceiling corners, swarming insects that have gained access through a door frame, a decapitated bird, and cookware containing live maggots. Water runs continuously from the tap in the kitchen. 

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