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Lousy: Love in the Time of Dementia

This award-winning film lets us into the world of Marilyn and Josef Silverstein, a couple in their nineties, both dealing with their own form of dementia.

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Worldwide Elder Abuse Awareness Day: Building Strong Support for Elders Podcast

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD), June 15th, is one of many opportunities for older survivors to share their perspectives and experiences.

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Fighting for Dignity: A Film on Injurious and Fatal Resident-to-Resident Incidents in Long-Term Care Homes

A large number of injurious resident-to-resident incidents in the long-term care setting are not recognized, reported, nor prevented.

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“On behalf of the Continuing Care Assistant Program here at SIAST, we would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient handling of our recent DVD order. We could not believe how quickly you responded to our end of the [fiscal] year “budget rush”. The DVDs are now filed away in our library and our instructors are looking forward to sharing them with their students. We will certainly recommend your company to others looking to purchase similar materials for their programs. Terra Nova Films did a great job!”

Donna Dayman, CCA Assistant, SIAST Woodland Campus, Canada