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Helping An Aging Parent: A Forty-Year Perspective Across Generations

This third installment of the award-winning “My Mother, My Father” film series carries on the story of the Honel family, as they engage in very real conversations about dementia caregiving and quality of life – from idyllic expectations to bittersweet realities. The film is unique in that it provides a nearly forty-year generational (and intergenerational) …

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Lousy: Love in the Time of Dementia

This award-winning film lets us into the world of Marilyn and Josef Silverstein, a couple in their nineties, both dealing with their own form of dementia.

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Fighting for Dignity: A Film on Injurious and Fatal Resident-to-Resident Incidents in Long-Term Care Homes

A large number of injurious resident-to-resident incidents in the long-term care setting are not recognized, reported, nor prevented.

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“I just want to let you know that I have not been disappointed with my new DVDs from Terra Nova. My students have enjoyed them also. They are so true to life and they make what I tell them or try to explain to them real. Thank you!”

Vickie Williams, CNA Instructor Fort Wayne Community Schools, Fort Wayne, IN