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Fighting for Dignity: A Film on Injurious and Fatal Resident-to-Resident Incidents in Long-Term Care Homes

A large number of injurious resident-to-resident incidents in the long-term care setting are not recognized, reported, nor prevented.

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Too Soon to Forget: The Journey of Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Comforting, empowering, and refreshingly honest, this package provides a wealth of timely information to help those diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s (and their families) better understand and navigate this journey together.

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Sexuality, Intimacy and Dementia in Residential Care Settings – USB

This new 5-chaptered DVD brings forth a thoughtful, much-needed exploration of sexuality, intimacy, and dementia, and the complex issues that impact residents, family members, and care staff.

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“So far, Terra Nova is the only [distribution] company we have been 100% happy with out of all those we have used in the U.S. and Canada previously.”

Kay Stammers, Producer/Director/Writer, Media One Pty Ltd., Australia