Producer: Terra Nova Films
Includes: PDF Discussion Guide. Eligible for one (1) contact hour.
Release Date: 2023
Item Code: HAP
Format: DVD
Running Time: 28 minutes

Helping An Aging Parent: A Forty-Year Perspective Across Generations

This third installment of the award-winning “My Mother, My Father” film series carries on the story of the Honel family, as they engage in very real conversations about dementia caregiving and quality of life – from idyllic expectations to bittersweet realities. The film is unique in that it provides a nearly forty-year generational (and intergenerational) perspective on how caregiving and end-of-life decisions affect both the persons who are receiving care and those who are giving care. Through this extended window, the film allows us to witness various milestones in dementia caregiving and end-of-life care issues for one family, including:
• the Honel family in the 1980s as they adjust to caring for Milt’s father in their home
• Rosalie and Milt Honel, a few years later, voicing their own care preferences and end-of-life wishes with their adult children
• Rosalie and Milt’s adult children, nearly 40 years later, relating how they provided the care needed for both of their parents (who were then dealing with dementia themselves), and how their parents’ care needs shifted from hypothetical to reality within the family unit
• the long-term effects of caregiving on the family as a whole

The valuable insights (and hindsight) of the Honels’ journey will encourage other families to have their own challenging, but necessary, conversations on how to best manage care needs, address changing family dynamics, and plan for an optimal quality of life.

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