Producer: Eilon Caspi and Judy Berry
Release Date: 2020
Item Code: FFD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 20 minutes

Fighting for Dignity: A Film on Injurious and Fatal Resident-to-Resident Incidents in Long-Term Care Homes

The phenomenon of resident-to-resident incidents is now recognized as an international public health problem. – from the film

A large number of injurious resident-to-resident incidents in the long-term care setting are not recognized, reported, nor prevented. Through the graphic and deeply painful experiences of three families whose vulnerable loved one was either physically or sexually harmed, this powerful 20-minute film encourages care providers to improve care practices that would prevent these injurious incidents.

As it sheds light on the under-studied and under-recognized phenomenon of injuries and deadly resident-to-resident incidents, the film also emphasizes the need to understand that behavioral expressions labelled as “aggressive” in the context of dementia, typically occur when the “fighting” resident’s own emotional and physical needs are not being met.

Fighting for Dignity provides a much-needed framework in which to:

  1. recognize the potential consequences of serious incidents on residents (emotional  distress, falls, physical injury, and death), and the profound emotional impact on their family members,
  2. improve the safety of vulnerable and frail elders by recognizing the situational and emotional cues underlying unmet human needs, and situational frustrations that can help prevent harmful incidents, and
  3. provide professional and timely response to harmful incidents, including the provision of adequate emotional support to family members.

A must-see training resource for all health care professionals and administrative staff in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as well as, culture change advocates and policy makers.

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