Producer: Frank Silverstein
Includes: Discussion Guide
Release Date: 2020
Item Code: LOUSY
Format: DVD
Running Time: 15 minutes

Lousy: Love in the Time of Dementia

This award-winning film lets us into the world of Marilyn and Josef Silverstein, a couple in their nineties, both dealing with their own form of dementia. The film introduces us to their world as they lived it before dementia – through their love for each other, their family, music, and the world around them.  Then – through the quiet power of this film, it shows how dementia systematically impacts all of these things – without filter or pretense. There are intimate moments of profound self-awareness, heart-rending moments of great confusion, and moments of daily interaction that are simply allowed to evolve as-is.

This film is an excellent vehicle in which to view the impact of “simultaneous” dementia in one family, the change in family dynamics, and the strength of life and love and music to transcend dementia – even if for a moment.

Viewers will be inspired to help persons with dementia live their best lives as they celebrate their uniqueness and meet them where they are “in their particular moment”. Everyone will carry something insightful and very valuable away from this candid film. Includes Discussion Guide for living with dementia.

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This short film is a powerful tool for raising awareness and generating conversations on dementia and caregiving. It will be sure to prompt questions and lively discussions for a wide range of audiences – from healthcare, mental health, and social workers to caregiver support groups and community outreach. If you would like to schedule a 60- or 90-minute event (with a question-and-answer session with the filmmaker) around this film, please e-mail Gloria Starling at Terra Nova Films regarding cost and availability.

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