Finding Tatanka

January 31, 2020

Videographer Jacob Bricca created Finding Tatanka to gain greater understanding of his father, Kit Bricca. He hoped to fill in blank spots that have remained in their relationship across the years and, hopefully, to reach a resolution that might enrich it. The result is a video case study of this father–son relationship and more largely, of a visionary known over the years as Kit, Chris Cougar, Buffalo, Buffalo Waves in the Breeze, and Tatanka . All of these fathers resided within the same man. We are introduced to him in video footage of Jacob’s childhood, narrative accounts of Kit’s childhood, and within current interviews with Kit’s life-long friends and acquaintances. As the film unfolds, we soon realize that Jacob’s progress in understanding his relationship with Kit the father depends almost entirely on understanding the phenomenon that is Kit Bricca the man.

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