August 3, 2016


Based on the verbal descriptions I had seen, I was ready to not like this film. My assumption: another film on the woes of dating and attaching in late life. While that is part of this film’s content, there is more, much more.  And it is the more that slowly develops, and envelops, until the very last frames of this well-made film.

Carol (Blythe Danner) is a well-off older widow living a routine life that she seems content with. But things begin to disrupt this routine. She has to put her older dog to sleep. A roof rat finds its way into her house. Two men enter her life. How the creator of this film (Brett Haley) pulls all these together into a moving story without being maudlin is the genius of I’ll See You in My Dreams. It is also a testament to Blythe Danner’s fine acting, along with that of Martin Starr.

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