Producer: Third Wave Films
Includes: PDF Screening and Discussion Guide, Action Plan Kit, and Poster.
Release Date: 2018
Item Code: WP
Format: DVD
Running Time: 53 minutes

Will Power

The unforeseen legal and emotional challenges of elder caregiving (and end-of-life care) often tear families apart… How do you deal with it?

Will Power uses the filmmaker’s personal experiences in saving his ancestral land to provide a powerful framework for action to prepare siblings and their parents for the emotional, financial, and legal challenges that age and death can bring on.  It is usually difficult for families to gather and discuss issues related to elder care, estates, and finances, and Will Power provides an entertaining platform to spark much-needed discussions on these too often avoided topics.  It is not only a “how to” guide, but more importantly, a “why to” guide that offers the tools and information needed to navigate and complete proper legal planning for seniors. Topics include: fiduciary responsibility, trusts vs. wills, power of attorney, health care proxy, living wills, sibling rivalry, and value and heritage of land.

Will Power’s stunning visuals, combined with rich music and nostalgic imagery, weave a tapestry of sentiments relevant to every viewer’s experience with family and youth, as well as, life and death. Ultimately, the film shows how strength through self-discovery, brings personal redemption, proving the power of one’s own will.

Everyone—from parents and siblings to legal and senior advocates to schools and libraries—will benefit from this honest and thought-provoking film. The package includes a PDF Screening and Discussion Guide, Action Plan Kit, and Poster. Businesses, Non-profits, and Public Libraries and Schools – please call for special discount.

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