Producer: The Attainment Company
Includes: Resources Manual
Release Date: 2006
Item Code: WECD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 54 Minutes

What Every Caregiver Needs to Know about Alzheimer’s Disease

For professional and family caregivers, this training package provides an informative explanation of Alzheimer’s, how it affects different parts of the brain, and the specific changes that take place as a result. It also explains the three stages of Alzheimer’s (Early Stage, Moderate Stage, and Late Stage), identifies the most common symptoms, and shows how to simplify and adapt care for each stage.

Interspersed with real family profiles, scenarios of dementia-related behaviors, feedback from caregivers, and comments from dementia care experts, Drs. Gail and Kim Petersen, the video will:

1) give caregivers a broader understanding of Alzheimer’s and its potential effects, and

2) equip caregivers to provide dignified care to persons in various stages of dementia.

The Training Manual offers further information on the most common dementias, assessment tools, and caregiver resources. Closed captioned.

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