Producer: Dementia Care Foundation
Release Date: 2007
Item Code: UDCN
Format: DVD
Running Time: 43 minutes

Understanding Dementia: The Caregiver’s Notebook

This new resource orients professional and family caregivers to the world of the person with dementia. This video helps caregivers understand the causes of many dementia-related behaviors. It gives simple strategies to prevent or redirect these behaviors while providing emotional and physical care to the person. The video will also enable caregivers to:

* Provide dignity while bathing and helping with other personal care needs.

* Validate the person’s emotions and feelings, and redirect toward familiar memories and actions

* Reduce stress and agitation by adjusting sound levels and other potential environment triggers

* Boost emotional comfort through body language and tone of voice The video also stresses the benefits as adjusting care to accommodate the person’s preferences as much as possible, and creating positive interactions that encourage use of the person’s remaining skills to build self-esteem and increase personal autonomy.

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