Producer: Cormorant Productions and Films, Ltd.
Includes: Trainer's Guide accompanies the DVD
Release Date: 2010
Item Code: TELD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 44 minutes

Through Our Eyes: A Life with Dementia

” I have a diagnosis of dementia…but I enjoy life and my indenpendence.”--from the DVD

From the perspective of several persons diagnosed with various forms of dementia, this DVD takes an honest look at the highs and lows of living with dementia–with the emphasis on living. This inside look at dementia documents the impact of the emotional, physical, and cognitive changes that persons with dementia often experience, along with, ways they have found to cope and adjust to their altered lifestyles. It also offers valuable, sensitizing insights on what medical professionals can do to improve patient/family understanding when delivering a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, and how communities can become more “dementia-friendly”.

The DVD is chaptered to allow easy access to each subject area. Topics are:

  1. A Life with Dementia – shows that a good life is possible (11 minutes)
  2. Emotional and Cognitive Impact – demonstrates how dementia has affected the person (12 minutes)
  3. Physical Impact – deals with awareness of abilities and maintaining physical health (11 minutes)
  4. What Can Professionals Do To Help – provides food for thought for professionals (10 minutes)

A valuable training resource for person with dementia, caregivers, and family members. Trainer’s Guide accompanies the DVD

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