Producer: John Buckley McQuaid & Eva Bostru
Release Date: 2006
Item Code: TKL
Format: DVD
Running Time: 10 minutes

This Kind of Love

Told through the eyes of an artist/husband,caregiver, this film is a personal look at how Alzheimer’s affects life, love, and relationships within the family structure. The film touches subtly on the life-changing effects and emotions of Alzheimer’s – from the wife’s initial forgetfulness and declining autonomy to the husband’s unwavering decision to take care of her at home because he cannot ‘hand her helplessness over to others’.

This Kind Of Love is a film about how life goes on through the challenges of Alzheimer’s and how love can overshadow and even transcend this most personal and intrusive of illness. An encouragement to all caregivers who walk bravely hand in hand with their loved one through every stage of Alzheimer’s- and beyond.


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