Producer: ASV Productions
Release Date: 2008
Item Code: ASV/GC
Format: DVD
Running Time: 45 minutes

The Georgian Centenarian Study

Why do some people live longer and what are some of the characteristics which contribute to that longevity? What impact does an “engaged” lifestyle have on one’s quality of life in later years? What personality traits are most consistent among centenarians?

This intriguing, cross-sectional study highlights several centenarans living successfully beyond 100 years of life, alongside older adults in their eighties and sixities to determine why some people age more successfully than others–and what we can learn from these factors over time. It introduces us to centenarians still in the community, interacting with their families, and sharing their thoughts and life experiences. (100-year-old Annie May Larmore says, “I made up my mind to have a good time.”) It documents how healthier aging tends to be promoted by positive interactions, and spiritual connections.

The study also includes discussion on:

  • Health and nutrition in the study of aging
  • Cognitive functioning
  • The effects of genetics on longevity
  • Risks for developing Alzheimer’s

This conorstone study (featuring co-principal investigators Leonard W. Poon, Peter Martin, and Mary Ann Johnson) provides a valuable look into the characteristics of longevity that lend clues to a successful quality of life in older adulthood.

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