Producer: Alzheimer Education
Item Code: SCI
Format: DVD
Running Time: 83 Minutes

Simple Comforts: Individual Life Enrichment Activities For People With Dementia

Appropriate individual activities are fundamental to dementia care. When people with dementia are engaged in meaningful activity they have a feeling of being in control. They enjoy a sense of well-being. Their self-esteem is heightened by feelings of success and reward. Their behavior is more settled and they are more relaxed and compliant.

Bob Price, one of Australia’s most experienced dementia care training consultants, explains how to provide individual activities for people with dementia at any time and in any place. The information is delivered in a relaxed and informal presentation with the content divided into ten clearly defined sections for easy viewing:

  • Dementia – basic facts
  • Cognitive decline in dementia
  • Regressive loss of skills and abilities
  • Skills that are retained longer
  • Appropriate activities – age vs stage
  • Individual activities – criteria for success
  • Examples of individual life enrichment activities
  • Products in use – live footage
  • Documenting the use of activity products
  • Interviews with caregivers


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