Producer: Terra Nova Films, Inc.
Includes: Manual
Release Date: 2017
Item Code: SIDU
Format: USB
Running Time: 78 minutes

Sexuality, Intimacy and Dementia in Residential Care Settings – USB

This new 5-chaptered DVD brings forth a thoughtful, much needed exploration of sexuality, intimacy, and dementia, and the complex issues that impact residents, family members, and care staff.  Through five 15- to 20-minute videos, the DVD looks at the relevant concerns of intimacy and sexuality on quality of life, freedom to express sexuality, capacity to consent, resident protections, and potential legal ramifications.  It also touches on the needs of LGBT residents, how to address resident-to-resident and resident-to-visitor encounters, and how to find workable solutions with the support of family members.

The 5-DVD Chapters cover:

  • Part 1:  The Effects of Dementia on Intimacy and Sexuality
  • Part 2:  Responding to Sexual Expressions
  • Part 3:  Consensual Intimacy and Sexuality
  • Part 4:  Spousal and Family Responses
  • Part 5:  Non-consensual Intimacy and Sexuality

This DVD poses many relevant questions, and is designed to equip care staff with a well-rounded understanding of the sensitive issues concerning intimacy, sexuality, and the rights of persons with dementia, as well as, how to respond to expressions of sexuality in a manner that promotes both resident dignity and safety.

The package includes a PDF Facilitator’s Guide with Key Lesson Points, Discussion Questions, plus Sample Policy and Procedures Concerning Sexual Expression.  Presented by author and educator, Daniel Kuhn, LCSW.

Sexuality, Intimacy and Dementia in Residential Care Settings is also available in DVD format – click here for more information.

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