Producer: Dr. Geri Fox
Includes: Instructor's Manual
Release Date: 2013
Item Code: SGPD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 38 minutes

Saying Goodbye: A Personal Documentary of Attachment and Loss at End of Life

Through 15 brief videos clips, filmed over time, this new DVD grants rare access to one family’s personal moments as end of life approaches for a loved one.  Intimately documented by Dr. Geri Fox, the film chronicles the first-hand perspective of her father as he reflects on his evolving life situation (lifestyle adjustments, failing health, physical and emotional changes), and his decision that his time has, and should, come to an end.  It also shows the power of family connections as it shares the reactions of his loved ones, including his wife, who is dealing with memory loss and a need for increased caregiving, herself. This stimulus DVD will enhance effective teaching and understanding of complex end-of-life decisions and issues.  The Instructor’s Manual (with presentation tips and suggested discussion points) reviews concepts, such as, quality of life, frailty, Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief, Erikson’s integrity versus despair, Bowlby’s attachment and loss, and advance directives.  Ideal for medical staff, social workers, hospice workers, gerontologists, mental health professionals, and students.  2013 Chicago International Film Festival INTERCOM award winner!

Geraldine S. Fox, MD, MHPE, Unversity of Illinois at Chicago, is the 2013 recipient of the Association for the Academic Psychiatry’s  Psychiatric Education Award.  This award achnowledges innovative and exemplary psychiatric educators for their education projects and programs – at the medical school, residency, and faculty development levels, as well as, for programs involved in educating non-psychiatrists and/or the general public about psychiatry.

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