Producer: Independent Production Fund
Release Date: 1995
Item Code: EW/WRW
Format: DVD
Running Time: 13 minutes

Working with Residents Who Wander

What do you do when residents wander or repeatedly attempt to leave the building?

In just 13 minutes, you can learn creative strategies to address the individual needs of residents who wander or try to leave the building. Through hands-on demonstrations of person-specific care, the DVD shows staff how to adapt to the behaviors of the resident, explores the “whys” behind the behavior, and offers customized solutions that strike a balance between safety and flexibility.

It covers how to address the immediate needs of

  • residents what wander (often into potentially unsafe areas)
  • residents that pick up and relocate items
  • residents who attempt to leave the building
  • residents that refuse to sit and eat

It also demonstrates environmental, physical, or verbal cues that can calm or redirect the resident.

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