Producer: Geriatric Video Productions, Inc.
Item Code: PUD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 17

Preventing Undernutrition: Dehydration

“Approximately one-third to one-half of the health problems which affect the elderly can be directly related to nutritional status.” (From the video). This video encourages early nutritional intervention as a means to greatly reduce the need for invasive treatments, such as, gastrostomy tube feeding and intravenous hydration. It identifies the effects and symptoms of undernutrition and dehydration in the elderly, how to perform a nutritional and hydration assessment, and how to design an interdisciplinary plan to prevent nutritional deficiencies. Caregivers will also learn how much they can contribute to a patient’s nutritional health by encouraging activity, psycho-social interaction, and recognizing potential problems, such as, swallowing difficulties, and sudden changes in behavior or food intake. Includes facilitators guide with pre-test and post-test.

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