Producer: ElderCare Communications
Includes: Manual in PDF format
Release Date: 2013
Item Code: EC/PRSD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 26 minutes

Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment in Long-Term Care

This DVD defines sexual harassment, shows how its presence can pose challenges specific to caregivers and residents (including how to respond to residents with dementia), and empowers staff with appropriate responses when and where it does occur.

The DVD covers 4 Types of Sexual Harassment:

  • Staff-to-Staff
  • Management-to-Staff
  • Resident-to-Staff
  • Resident-to-Resident

It also offers several “What Would You Do?” scenarios that further identify how to prevent (and report) sexual harassment, and how to set guidelines that create a safe environment for both residents and staff.  Includes Manual in PDF format.

This DVD should be required viewing for all long-term care staff.

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