Producer: American Occupational Therapy Association
Item Code: APD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 16

A Part Of Daily Life: Alzheimer’s Care

Developed for caregivers of persons with dementia, this video shows how breaking tasks into smaller steps can help the person with dementia understand and perform tasks better, while boosting morale and encouraging continued participation in normal activities. Interspersed with the experiences of real family caregivers and advice from experts, this video gives hands-on strategies caregivers can use to:

  • simplify and adapt tasks to individual levels of capability
  • communicate through ways that ‘guide’ rather than ‘force’
  • best utilize the person’s remaining skills

Special emphasis is also placed on how to communicate more effectively through verbal and physical cues, as well as, how to modify the home environment with signs and boundaries that create a sense of structure and safety.

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