Producer: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Release Date: 2013
Item Code: MCWB
Format: DVD
Running Time: 143 minutes

Mouth Care Without a Battle: Individualized Mouth Care for Persons with Cognitive and Physical Impairment

Learn state-of-the-art oral care skills training with this new DVD…

This evidence-based, 2-DVD oral care program uses realistic, person-centered techniques to overcome many of the behavioral challenges to providing good oral care when dealing with persons who have dementia, or other cognitive and physical impairments. Using before-and-after situations with real patients/residents, it combines best practices in oral hygiene with proven techniques that take the guesswork out of how to provide sensitive (and effective) oral care.

DVD ONE consists of

  • Introduction 6 minutes
  • Module 1: Part One/Mouth Care Basics (including prepping for and providing person-centered oral care, tools and techniques to improve oral care) 21 minutes
  • Module 1: Part Two/Beyond the Basics (includes removal and care of dentures, care of missing, loose, or broken teeth, and considerations for persons with swallowing problems) 14 minutes
  • Module 2: Providing Mouth Care in Challenging Situations (includes communication techniques, as well as, potential behaviors and needs of persons in each stage of dementia, resistant or combative patients) 46 minutes

DVD TWO consists of

  • Module 3: The Critical Role of Licensed Nurses in Mouth Care 36 minutes
  • Module 4: An Overview for Administrators, Policy Makers, and Other Advocates for Quality Care 20 minutes

Ideal for new and veteran staff, the DVDs are chaptered for easy access to a particular area of interest.

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