Producer: Terra Nova Films, Inc.
Release Date: 2011
Item Code: MTWD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 25 minutes

More Than Words: A New Culture of Care and Communication with Persons Who Have Dementia

In the same vein as the best-selling title, Choice and Challenge: Caring for Aggressive Older Adults Across Levels of Care, this new culture-changing DVD demonstrates (though real interactions) how person-centered care and knowledge of the resident can reduce dementia-related episodes, such as, sun-downing and aggressive-protective reactions when bathing, and wanting to leave. As it pinpoints the crucial role of the CNA as caregiver and friend, it also shows the importance of communicating directly, and creating a true “relationship” with persons with dementia. Caregivers will learn valuable tips to redirect and lessen anxieties for persons with dementia while preserving their personal autonomy and dignity. The DVD covers:

  • Building and maintaining a relationship
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Communicating to show respect
  • Accepting their reality
  • Respecting the person’s preferences
  • Encouraging use of remaining abilities

A must-see for new and veteran caregivers!

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