Producer: Terra Nova Films, Inc.
Item Code: MATT2
Format: DVD
Running Time: 22 minutes

More Than A Thousand Tomorrows

A follow-up to the video, A Thousand Tomorrows: Intimacy, Sexuality, and Alzheimer’s, More Than a Thousand Tomorrows revisits one of the couples, Everett and Betty Jordan.  This DVD looks at the progression of changes Alzheimer’s causes in their intimate relationship–over a seven-year period. Central to the video is Everett’s candid discussion of his feelings and decisions regarding his ongoing intimate relationship with Betty, and how he has coped.

Updated with a Bonus Feature: “Is it the Right Time?”: The Nursing Home Decision.  In this newly added feature, several of Everett and Betty’s children come together to discuss the issue of how the decision to place Betty in a long-term care facility was made–and how it might have been handled better.  Their frank and honest discussion sheds light on the importance of keeping family communication open around the timing of this very emotional and difficult decision. 13 minutes long.


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