Producer: Elder Abuse Institute of Maine
Release Date: 2006
Item Code: MSLW
Format: DVD
Running Time: 15 Minutes

Martha’s Story: A Lifetime of Walking on Eggshells

Touching and intensely personal, this is Martha’s Story of ’emancipation’ from Jim, her abusive husband of 51 years, 5 months, 3 days, and 1 hour. The video chronicles the gradual progression of the abuse–the control, the isolation from family and friends, the constant threats and intimidation, the public cover up of the abuse–and finally, Martha’s finding the courage to reach out for help.

In her own words, in her own memories, Martha’s hindsight on her 51 years of abuse is hard won and honest, and as much a catharsis for herself as a clarion call for other abuse victims to realize that there is a way out of their abusive situation.

A must see for healthcare, legal, social, and protective service providers.

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