Producer: Care and Compliance Group
Release Date: 2010
Item Code: CC/MCD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 22 minutes

Managing Challenging Family Situations

This helpful DVD will equip caregiver staff to recognize and defuse potentially challenging situations with family members through open communication and interaction. Using case scenarios, it offers proactive ways to create a “partnership” with family members before, during, and after the resident admission.

Caregivers will learn positive family interaction tips, such as:

  • “active” listening and response to family concerns
  • communicating with demanding, hostile, or verbally aggressive family members
  • understanding and helping residents (and families) deal wtih their sense of grief and loss
  • giving residents and families a sense of control

These relationship-building techniques will not only encourage support from and interaction with families, but help staff to create a information-based relationship with residents that reduces potential conflicts and misunderstandings.


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