Producer: Brilliant Image Productions
Release Date: 2011
Item Code: BI/LDD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 152 minutes

Living with Dementia: To Change Your Minds About People Whose Minds Have Changed

Together, in this powerful presentation, G. Allen Power, MD., and Richard Taylor, PhD., redefine dementia, and challenge viewers to make a dramatic shift–from viewing dementia as a series of deficits to viewing it as a shift in the way a person experiences the world around them. It discusses ways to improve dementia care and reduce challenging behaviors by retaining the personhood of the person with dementia, adjusting the environment, and using non-pharmacological approaches that respond to the needs of the person.

Dr. Power understands dementia from a medical and caring perspective in ways that few do, and Dr. Taylor, who was diagnosed with dementia, shares his experiences with dementia “from the inside out”. They offer a transforming wealth of ideas and food for thought that are sure to challenge many preconceived notions about dementia. An empowering resource for caregivers, family members, and persons living with the symptoms of dementia. The DVD includes Dr. Power’s presentation, Dr. Taylor’s presentation, and a combination question-and-answer session.

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