Producer: Bare Face Productions
Item Code: LFI
Format: DVD
Running Time: 26 Minutes

Let’s Face It – Women Explore Their Aging Faces

Let’s Face It is a touching and honest glimpse into the intimate self-explorations of several women in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. As they face the natural reality of sags and bags, lines and wrinkles, they reflect on the impact these physical changes have on not only their bodies, but also on their attitudes about themselves, and on the way they are perceived by society. As these women look deeply at themselves, they wrestle with many powerful issues, including, self-esteem, resentment, face-lift considerations, societal pressures, and coming to terms with themselves ‘as-is’.

Viewers will benefit from the self reflective insights in this film. A sure-fire discussion starter on the aging process itself, and how we learn to view ourselves as we grow older.

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