Producer: Jennifer Petrucelli.
Item Code: IO
Format: DVD
Running Time: 8 minutes


As a daughter of a movie director, Toni had struggled all her life to feel good about her physical appearance. At 61, she had finally come to peace with that issue.

Then, quite suddenly, she contracted Bell’s Palsy, a disease that half of her face paralyzed. Now she is on an internal journey … one that is raising the question–as it does for many people as they age–What role does physical appearance play in my self perception and in my feelings of self worth? Near the end of the video she concludes: “I’m learning to understand the profound gift of looking inside rather than just seeing the surface.”

This short but insightful video will trigger feelings and reflection on an issue faced by most of us in a society that has a hard time dealing with the physical effects of aging.

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