Producer: Dr. Bonnie L. Walker
Item Code: IP/HHD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 12 Minutes

Injury Prevention / Preventing Hyperthermia, Hypothermia and Drowning

As people age, the risk of death or injury from hyperthermia, hypothermia, frostbite and drowning increases. Thin skin, chronic illness, diabetes, medications and other factors can put the elderly in jeopardy beyond what a younger person would experience in the same situation. This program teaches how to recognize conditions that put elders at risk–such as hot and cold weather, poverty, bathtubs and hot tubs, and the use of alcohol–and shows how to correct the hazards that can lead to temperature related illness and drowning. Included are ready to copy prevention checklists.

This tape is part of a ten tape series listed in this catalog as Injury Prevention for the Elderly, The Series.

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