Producer: Bonnie Walker & Associates
Item Code: IP/FI
Format: DVD
Running Time: 10 minutes

Injury Prevention / Preventing Foodborne Illness

Older people are at increased risk for foodborne illness wherever there are unsafe conditions in handling, storing, and preparing food. A diminising sense of smell and taste can impare an elderly person’s ability to judge whether a food is safe to eat, and a weakened immune system can  leave the person susceptible to food poisioning.

In this program, viewers learn prevention tips for avoiding food poisioning caused by contaminated foods, and they learn to spot hazardous situations in which bacteria can thrive. Included are ready to copy tools for teaching how to store, prepare and handle food safely.

This program is part of a ten program series. For information regarding the complete series, please refer to the the catalog listing titled Injury Prevention for the Elderly, The Series.


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