Producer: Video Pro Productions
Release Date: 2018
Item Code: EC/IC18
Format: DVD
Running Time: 32 minutes

Infection Control in Long-Term Care: Safeguarding Your Environment

Infection control and prevention is where all long-term care staff members can have the greatest impact on safety and good health for residents.

This training program highlights procedures that all levels of staff can use to ensure effective infection control and safety for residents, co-workers, visitors, and themselves. It discusses community-associated infections, residents at increased risk for infection, the most common infections (including urinary tract infections, skin infections, bacterial pneumonia, and diarrheal disease), as well as, MDROs (multi-drug resistant organisms). It explains the 3 categories of Standard Precautions (barrier protection, sharps safety, and patient care and placement) in detail.

The DVD also:

  • demonstrates proper handwashing and identifies situations that require diligent before-and-after hand hygiene
  • documents when and how to use alcohol-based rubs
  • shows how to put on, take off, and dispose of used personal protective equipment
  • outlines proper food handling and serving procedures
  • stresses the importance of tube feeding safety
  • reinforces good housekeeping and sanitation techniques

This program will increase safety awareness and encourage all levels of staff to stay engaged and proactive in maintaining infection control measures throughout the facility.

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