Producer: Have a Good Life Media
Includes: Handouts/Training Materials CD
Release Date: 2011
Item Code: HGL/ICP
Format: DVD
Running Time: 79 minutes

Individualized Care Planning: Getting to Know the Person

This DVD shows how to skillfully reframe thought processes on resident assessments and care plans.  Adopting a get-to-know-the-resident-over-coffee-and-not-over-a-form concept, the DVD offers ideas for welcoming new residents, creating friendships, establishing resident/staff “buddy” systems, and adjusting to the person’s way of doing things.  It looks at how ethnic traits, language rules, end-of-live rituals, and other cultural difference can impact  resident’s daily life.  Care staff will learn tips to help create (and rewrite) effective care plans that correspond to the resident’s needs and empower the resident to live the highest and best quality of life.  The DVD also explores improving care conference environments and overall outcomes, personalizing (and communicating) care plans, and including the nursing assistants (and families) in the care plan process.

The package comes with a Handouts/Training Materials CD.

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