Producer: Renée Chenault Fattah
Release Date: 2019
Item Code: IRM
Format: DVD
Running Time: 49 minutes

In Our Right Mind: Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias’ Impact in Communities of Color

This new film enlightens and empowers as it takes an intimate look at the impact of Alzheimer’s and dementia in communities of color, why disparities often exist in these communities, and what can be done right now to change the course of the disease. Through the powerful stories of several families (from a millennial caregiver to a family dealing with both parents diagnosed with Alzheimer’s), the film takes an honest look at the personal, social, economic, and relational challenges to the caregivers and the family at large. (It also includes the story of reporter and Alzheimer’s advocate, Orien Reid Nix, who was later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s herself.)

The film opens up a much-needed conversation on proactive lifestyle changes, technological advances, and the need to participate in clinical trials and various research programs. It also stresses the importance of Alzheimer’s education, sharing lessons learned, and relying on the cultural bonds and family ties that have long sustained communities of color.

While it realistically explores the challenges of Alzheimer’s and caregiving, the film also arms the viewers with hope and a willful determination to, as one caregiver puts it, “be a victor, and not a victim”. Written, directed, and narrated by veteran Philadelphia journalist and author, Renée Chenault Fattah.

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