Producer: Texas A&M University
Release Date: 2009
Item Code: IOOD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 31 minutes

Improving Outdoor Access For Older Adults (Access to Nature – DVD 2)

This program provides floor plans, sketches, photos, and models of how to create building layouts and adjoining outdoor spaces that encourage seniors to walk, engage in activities, and continue to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. The DVD looks at how to determine the best areas of the building to develop adjacent outdoor space for residents, how to make œtransition zones that allow safe, comfortable places for seniors to view outdoor areas before venturing out, and shares cost-effective ideas on how to make doorways and pathways more senior-friendly. It also includes ideas for designing spaces for persons in various stages of dementia, and covers walker and wheelchair accessibility.

WINNER of the 2009  Environment & Design Award fro the CEAL (Center for Excellence in Assisted Living)

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