Producer: Geriatric Video Productions
Includes: Reproducible MMSE test
Release Date: 2006
Item Code: G/MMSED
Format: DVD
Running Time: 21 minutes

Improving Assessment & Management of Dementia: How to Administer the Mini Mental Status Exam

This informative video shows how to administer the Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE) which measures the presence and severity of cognitive impairment. The information gathered from the test can be used to:

  • enhance the admissions screening process
  • track cognitive changes over a period of time
  • determine treatment decisions based on stage of dementia
  • gauge resident response to drug therapies.

Viewers will learn:

  • what to do before administering the test
  • how to administer the test properly
  • how to interpret the results correctly

The video measures 6 area of Cognition, and will help to

  1. improve quality of life for seniors by reducing the number of undiagnosed residents, and
  2. enable timely and accurate treatment for those diagnosed with some level of dementia.

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