Producer: Geriatric Video Productions
Release Date: 2008
Item Code: G/HPFD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 29 minutes

How to Prevent Falls and Fall-Related Injury in Your Institution

This five-module, safety DVD show how to design a fall prevention program that identifies target areas proven to help reduce falls by 20%-45%.  It pinpoints mental and physical fall risk factors, the importance of individualized fall risk assessments, accident reduction strategies, and demonstrates practical interventions to help prevent falls.

The program includes:

  • Intrinsic fall risk factors: Assessment and Intervention
  • Extrinsic fall risk Factors: Assessment and Intervention
  • How to conduct a Gait/Balance Assessment (The “Get-Up-and-Go” test)
  • Interventions to reduce the use of side rails
  • How to assess a recent fall

An ideal resource to help care facilities balance safety concerns with resident freedom of movement and independence.

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