Producer: Center on Aging- University of Texas Health Science Center
Release Date: 2006
Item Code: HIPP
Format: DVD
Running Time: 12 minutes

How To Identify And Prevent Pressure Ulcers

In just 12 minutes, this informative video equips caregiver staff with the skills to recognize and help prevent pressure ulcers on the skin. The video explains what pressure ulcers are, how they form, how to recognize residents most as risk, and what to do if a suspicious area is spotted on the skin. The video also:

  1. Outlines how and when to perform visual and sensory checks of a resident’s skin (including those with darker skin tones), and
  2. Gives head-to-toe checklist of the body areas most prone to pressure ulcers, identifying easily overlooked areas, such as, the back of the head and the ears.

The package includes a Facilitator’s Guide with participants test.

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