Producer: Northwest Media, Inc.
Item Code: HDT
Format: DVD
Running Time: 22 Minutes

He’s Doing This To Spite Me: Emotional Conflicts In Dementia Care

Those who are close to someone who has dementia often find it hard to deal with the erratic and difficult behaviors that result from the disease. They may, in fact, begin to interpret these behaviors as intentional (‘done on purpose’). This feeling, combined with the stress of caregiving and a lack of understanding of the effects of the disease may cause the caregiver to respond with frustration, impatience, even anger. This often further escalates the cycle of emotional discomfort and defense between them and their loved one who has dementia. These misunderstandings, fears and feelings are all explored in this video.

Three caregivers openly share their experiences and frustrations as they interact with their loved one who has dementia. These scenes are integrated with comments and guidance from professionals in the field of dementia care. The result is a video that teaches caregivers (both family and professional) how to reframe the caregiving dynamic into one that is more comfortable and productive for both the caregiver and care-receiver.


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