Producer: Mental Health Outreach Network
Item Code: M/GLO
Format: DVD
Running Time: 20 minutes

Grief, Loss And Older Adults

In order to personally understand the grief and loss issues experienced by older adults, a group participates in a sensitivity exercise, and geriatric experts elaborate on this issue — an exceptionally enlightening training video!

An extensive program guide accompanies the video.

This video is part of an seven tape series on mental health and older adults. Each title in the series is listed separately in this catalog. The complete list is:

  • Communicating With Oriented Older Adults
  • Communicating With Moderately Confused Older Adults
  • Communicating With Severely Confused Older Adults
  • Grief, Loss and Older Adults
  • Mental Health Problems of Older Adults
  • Older Adult Development
  • Therapeutic Reminiscence

If the complete series is purchased, the price is $693.00, a cost of $99.00 per tape.

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