Producer: UM Video Press
Release Date: 2005
Item Code: VP/GNA
Format: DVD
Running Time: 17 minutes

Great Nursing Assistants: Residents’ Perspective

What makes a great nursing assistant? Long-term care residents in this video will tell you! Great nursing assistants:

  • Listen and communicate with them,
  • Try to understand and meet their needs,
  • Show patience and kindness AT ALL TIMES, and don’t rush through their care,
  • Treat them as individuals with individual needs,
  • Give them choices about their daily care and routines,
  • Communicate their needs to the next shift person so that person is fully aware of their needs for that day,
  • Respond to call bells (and physical and emotional pain) in a timely manner, and
  • Know and do their jobs.

This personal ‘checklist’ from residents will provide nursing assistants with an ideal opportunity to better understand how they can meet the overall needs of residents.

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