Producer: Films for the Humanities & Sciences
Release Date: 2009
Item Code: FH/GKWD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 31 minutes

Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am?

This unique, multicultural program shares the emotions and stories of several children, ages 6-15, who have a grandparent with Alzheimer’s. Presented by Maria Shriver, whose own father has Alzheimer’s, the viewer is guided through “5 Lessons” that will help children (and adult family members and caregivers) understand and cope with the changes that Alzheimer’s can bring to their loved one and to the family as a whole. It highlights the importance of acknowledging and dealing with one’s emotions, asking questions, and living “in the moment” with the person with Alzheimer’s.

The candor and wisdom of these children as they share their tears, fears, uncertainties and frustrations, as well as, their hopes and determinations to make the best of the situation, is unforgettable.

An ideal resource to

  • help young children and teenagers express their emotions about the changes in a loved one with Alzheimer’s, and
  • help families become a support system for the person with Alzheimer’s and each other as they confront this disease together.

Families, social workers, senior advocates, and healthcare professionals will find this resouce extremely valuable.

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