Producer: Susan Hannah Hadary and William Whiteford
Release Date: 2012
Item Code: GAD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 56 minutes

Grace, The Alzheimer’s Documentary

This widely acclaimed classic program follows seven years in the life of Grace Kirkland and the inspirational caregiving efforts of her husband, Glenn. It provides a documentation of the progression of Alzheimer’s disease from time of diagnosis until death. Observing Grace from the first stage of the disease where she’s already having short-term memory problems, the program continues to follow her life as she loses the ability to speak and finally her ability to walk and eat. Viewers have the extraordinary opportunity to witness firsthand the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and the related symptoms. The caregiving efforts of her husband demonstrate the importance of encouraging independence, provide helpful communication tips, and offer suggestions on how to continue a loving relationship throughout the progression of the disease.

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