Producer: Independent Production Fund
Release Date: 1995
Item Code: EW/HGT
Format: DVD
Running Time: 14 minutes

Getting Hit, Grabbed & Threatened: What it Means and What to Do

Hitting, grabbing, yelling, threatening…

These reactions often represent an unmet need that a person with dementia can no longer express. Through real-life interactions this sensitizing DVD looks at how discovering the meaning behind the behavior can be the first step to a successful intervention. It demonstrates how catering your approach to the resident’s “right-now” need can reduce or defuse aggressive behaviors while increasing the resident’s sense of well-being.

The DVD stresses:

  • the benefits of permanent staff assignments
  • the importance of staff sharing their knowledge of the resident
  • using an interdepartmental team approach to meeting residents’ needs

The DVD also shows ways to greatly reduce agitation for residents during personal care – bathing, dressing, and grooming.

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