Producer: FTB Free to Be/Resources for Independent Living, Inc.
Includes: Manual (on disk)
Release Date: 2007
Item Code: GMOH
Format: DVD
Running Time: 15 minutes

“Get Me Out of Here!”™: Emergency Evacuation Training

In an emergency situation, could your staff evacuate people safely and effectively?

The “Get Me Out of Here!™ training DVD and accompanying Manual (on disk) will empower staff with the skills to safely transfer and evacuate ambulatory or non-ambulatory persons without injury.  It also demonstrates safe lifting and back safety techniques, developed by physical therapists, that greatly minimize the risk of staff injury.

In addition to proper body mechanics (see “7 Steps to Effective Body Moves”), caregiver staff will learn:

  • How to move people who are disoriented or unconscious
  • How to transfer people from a bed, wheelchair, or down the stairs
  • How to evacuate ambulatory and non-ambulatory persons
  • How to perform one- or two-person transfers (includes two person Universal Chair Lift technique)

The companion manual gives further step-by-step explanations of the techniques and should be used in conjunction with the DVD.  All health care staff members should view this timely emergency-response training package.

“The principles outline in ‘Get Me Out of Here!’™ should be standard, and ongoing training for all members of the health care profession.  Our duty of care, for both staff and clients, must include the means to move them our of harm’s way with minimal risk of injury.  This training can do just that.”                Scott Blessin, Fire Management Coordinator, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority


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