Producer: Justice Institute of British Columbia
Includes: Instructors Guide
Item Code: FDR
Format: DVD
Running Time: 42 Minutes

Facing Diversity: Responding To Violence Against Women From Diverse Cultures

This culturally-sensitive video addresses the specific needs of immigrant women and women of color who are caught up in the cycle of domestic violence. It identifies many of the cultural, emotional, social, and family dynamics that prevent women from seeking help. The video also uses three case scenarios to shed light on many of the very real (and ingrained) barriers victims face, such as, self-blame, family loyalty, and longstanding fear for themselves and their children. By increasing an awareness of the issues that often contribute to the tolerance of abuse, this video will equip service providers to:

  1. communicate more effectively with abused women, and
  2. help abused women understand their rights, and the supportive services available to them and their families.

An excellent training resource for legal, protective, and social service providers who work with an increasingly diverse population.

Includes an Instructors Guide

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