Producer: Missing In Action Films
Release Date: 2006
Item Code: EMD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 15 Minutes


Ex- Memoria is a new, award-winning dementia care training package that puts the caregiver/viewer in the shoes of the person with Alzheimer’s. Using the life story of Eva, a female resident with dementia, this ‘trigger’ video allows the viewer to see and experience the world through her eyes–the way her past and present sometimes blend together to create a new ‘reality’ for her, the way sudden actions or sounds can startle or confuse, and the way she is attempting to communicate with her family and the world around her. Designed to enhance the quality of life for persons with dementia, this video will encourage caregivers to:

  1. become more aware of their words and actions while providing care
  2. empathize with the emotions and feelings the resident may be experiencing, and
  3. find ways to better understand and respond to the individual needs of each resident.

The Resource-Guide includes discussion questions, and further develops the themes in the video-the benefits of person-centered care, the continued need for relationships and communication, and the importance of understanding a resident’s experiences in order to provide better overall care.

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