Producer: Terra Nova Films
Release Date: 2005
Item Code: TECS
Format: DVD
Running Time: 23 minutes and 19 minutes

The Energy Connection – The Series

This two tape series will help caregivers and managers recognize and avoid burnout – personally and in the team environment.

Tape one in the series is The Energy Connection: Managing Stress/Avoiding Burnout which is designed to help frontline workers and managers get the most productivity out of their energy level, time and available resources. It also gives ways to help all levels of staff acknowledge and deal with daily frustrations, co-worker and management conflicts, and time restraints without stressing out.

Tape two in the series is The Energy Connection: Working As A Team which shows how morale can affect the entire team dynamic in terms of productivity and energy levels. It identifies situations that lower or boost team morale, and gives suggestions on how to keep staff focused on their team goal – providing the best quality of care to residents.

These tapes are listed separately in this catalog and may be purchased for $139.00 each.

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