Producer: Geriatric Video Productions
Release Date: 2008
Item Code: G/ECD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 29 Minutes

End-Of-Life Care In Dementia

This person-centered, culturally-sensitive video will equip caregivers with the skills to provide optimal end-of-life care for persons with dementia. Caregivers will learn how to tailor care to the changing needs of the resident, establish communication about care preferences, support the family members, other residents, and fellow staff, as well as, what to do immediately after a resident death. The video covers 5 areas of end-of-life care:

  • Communication
  • Decision-making Strategies
  • Assessment/Care of Physical and Behavioral Symptoms
  • Psychosocial and Spiritual Support
  • Acknowledgement of a Resident’s Death

This video’s ‘sharing’ approach to end-of-life dementia care also encourages flexible care plans, and discussion of issues related to pain management, active dying symptoms, and comfort levels.

Includes a Facilitator’s Guide

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