Producer: Kendal Outreach, LLC
Release Date: 2010
Item Code: ETAD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 12 minutes

Easing the Adjustment to a Nursing Home: Strategies for Families

This new DVD gives realistic strategies that will enable families to help a loved one make the adjustment to a nursing home or assisted living facility easier. It provides compassionate and relevant information that family members can use to help residents stay connected to familiar family and social activities, while smoothing the transition to their new environment.

The DVD discusses:

  • how to set realistic expectations
  • how to communicate with staff
  • how to plan a productive visit
  • how to acknowledge and address feelings of guilt and/or frustration.

It also documents how a three-way partnership between residents, staff, and family can grealty improve the resident’s overall quality of life and provide more peace of mind to the family members.

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