Producer: Films Media Group
Item Code: FH/DGOD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 49 minutes

Don’t Grow Old: Holding Back the Years

  • What, exactly, is aging? Can we stop or alter it?
  • What would it take to have a long and healthy life?
  • How much do our emotions and attitudes about aging affect how we age?
  • How close are we to finding an elixir of youth?

This informative, new program poses all of these questions and more in its broad attempt to examine and understand the mysteries of aging. From a study of healthy centenarians to a five-year-old with progeria (rapid-aging disease) to truths and myths about antioxidants, gene research, and oxidative stress, researchers share their often surprising findings. (Included is a prominent mind-over-body study which reveals some life-changing results for the participants.) We also meet three generations of one family, ranging in age from 2 to 93, who provide candid thoughts on heredity and aging.

This discussion-starting DVD reminds us that the definition of aging needs to be open to being “re-defined”. In the words of one of the researchers, “We have enormous control over our health and well-being that we’re only beginning to become aware of…”

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